News for the week of October 19, 2017

INSTALLING the new insulators on the million volt DC line to L.A. Note the bolts which serve as a ladder, on the steel pole near the man straddling the lines. The string of insulators weighs 736 pounds. The green hooks are lifting the lines to relieve the tension on the wires so that the insulators can be hooked on. Photo by Jean Bilodeaux

County to adopt new pot ordinance

While marijuana use for medicinal and recreational reasons will be legal in California, Modoc County is debating a change in its marijuana ordinance next week.
The Board of Supervisors will consider adopting an amended marijuana ordinance at its October 24 meeting. The Modoc Planning Commission adopted the ordinance changes Sept. 27. Click here to read more.

State releases tough report on SV hospital

The California Department of Public Health has released its results concerning Surprise Valley Hospital including discovery of falsifying financial reports, incorrect debt amounts being listed, arbitrarily changing amounts owed vendors or just writing off amounts owed, non-payment of vendors leading to inadequate staffing, incorrect and inadequate minutes taken by Board of Directors secretary. Click here to read more.

L.A. Power crews go high in air for repairs

When working for a company that employs more than 8,600 people, serves four million customer's homes and only a team of 30 people can do your job, it probably means that the job requires special training and skills and might be a bit scary. No one really wants your job. You have job security.
That specialized team from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has come to Cedarville and is working nearby for one month on the Pacific Direct Current Intertie. The line originates in Celilo, Oregon on the Columbia River and stretches 846 miles through Oregon, Nevada and California, ending in Sylmar near Los Angeles. At Sylmar the DC is converted to AC to provide Los Angeles with electricity. LA DWP is responsible for 581 miles of the line starting at Adel and ending in Sylmar. Click here to read more.

Colitis cause of wild horse deaths at BLM corrals

Preliminary veterinarian results indicate that 25 wild horse foals held at the BLM’s Litchfield Corrals may have died from colitis, or inflammation of the colon. Additional tests are ongoing and the BLM is waiting for results from additional blood and tissue samples that could point to the cause of the colitis. Click here to read more.


Regina Faye Landis passed away October 16, 2017
Loren “Shorty” Crabtree passed away October 16, 2017.
Robert C. ‘Bob’ McDonald passed away October 14, 2017.
JoAnn Wood passed away October 11, 2017.
Dolores M. Myers Vaughn passed away October 1, 2017.


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