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Local results for Nov. 6 election

The following are the local results for Tuesday’s election.
Jim Wills won the race for Modoc District IV Supervisor with 392 votes, compared to challenger Pam Owens’ 368.
Jim Cavasso received 1,736 votes and Carol Callaghan received 1,279 to win seats on the Last Frontier Healthcare District Board (Modoc Medical Center). Michael Anderson received 761 votes and Lau Miller received 353.
Jason Diven received 428 votes and Carl Quigley 391 to win Surprise Valley Hospital District seats. Kim Salazar got 241 votes.
Don Mason received 1,604, Fernand Larranaga 1,571 and Alan Hopkins 1,259 to win seats on the Modoc Joint Unified School District. Barry Fanning got 1,030 votes and Jan Ross 773.
David Porter Misso got 192 votes, Penny Velador 169 votes, and Dan Orr 159 votes on the Tulelake Basin Joint Unified School District Board. Eric Scanlon got 153 votes, Darcy J. Walker got 152 votes and Gary Fensler 87.